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--See and comment on the architect's latest designs for Phase One here--

What people have said so far...

First Stakeholder Workshop 9th February “Sharpening the Brief”

First Drop-in: 17th and 18th February 2012

Second Stakeholder Workshop: 27th March 2012 (Pictures)

How the Totnes community is shaping the scheme

We are absolutely convinced that greater community involvement makes for a better scheme.

Our community consultation plan for phase one has been more detailed and open than any other local private development. By gathering local opinions before starting the design process we hope we can create a much more acceptable and community driven scheme.

This 8 minute video gives a flavour of the consultation work

The community steering group

An independent community steering group is overseeing the consultation process. Its role is to make sure everyone get the chance to be involved and is properly heard.

Who is leading the consultation?

Jeff Bishop is an independent facilitator who runs BDOR Ltd, (www.bdor.co.uk) he has an outstanding reputation as someone who can bring communities together to work on projects such as ours.

His efforts so far have been widely praised by the community groups involved. One town councilor has said he wished all developments followed the Baltic Wharf approach.

If you would have any questions about the consultation, the proposals or would like to get involved, please email [email protected]

Consultation Report

Please click on the image to view a PDF version of the Baltic Wharf public consultation boards.